About Mike Dynamo

At the intersection of honesty and irreverence, Mike Dynamo is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia who uses his voice to energize and inspire others.  A musician, actor (including voice-overs), event host, and video-game streamer, Mike Dynamo is as versatile as they come.  Check out all the fun projects happening in the Dynamoverse.


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I do things with my speech, words, ideas, and personality.  It has been a long road towards validating this as my true gift to the world, but today I know that my voice, both on the mic and on paper, is my most powerful tool.

My tagline, Energize Honestly, is rooted in the pleasure I get from making others feel good, whether I’m on stage entertaining a crowd of hundreds or in a coffeeshop having a one-on-one.  I believe in sharing experiences, in connecting with people, and hopefully leaving them better than I found them.

I believe in the power of spontaneity and improvisation–the creation of something powerful in the moment, and possibly never to be seen again.  It allows me to be fully present.  When I perform, I draw on the energy of the crowd and the people around me, amplify it, and give that energy right back, ten-fold.  It’s my superpower.

In my writing, I strive for honesty, speaking about things that many don’t like to talk about.  I want to make people think about their assumptions, because assumptions are a direct result of not being present and not engaging with what is in front of you. Of course, sometimes I just want to riff on video games, comics, and movies I love and analyze.

Like many artists, I look to make a living doing what I love. While many months are lean, it hasn’t stopped me from trying my best.  I am driven to this life of creation and conversation, and will continue to share my talents with whoever will listen, read, converse, and play with me.

Let’s have some fun.